The first thing which comes to mind get rid off this permanently. we as a company can give best result in removing personal information, complaints, reviews, videos, news articles, blogs, Images etc. permanently from websites and popular search engine as fast as 48 hrs. Following types of content removal services available based on your budget and requirements.

  • Removal from 1st page of Search Engine Page Result:-¬†We can remove negative links from popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo on the keywords of your relevance in defined timeline. Link will be pushed beyond 2nd page as 90% of the visitors check first page on search engine. Starting price is just $ 249 only ( Price vary depending on number of keywords, number of links, number of domains and number of languages etc.)
  • Removal from search engine on relevant keyword:-  Negative links independent of the website will be removed on relevant keyword till last search results exist in search engine. Same link will exist in search on other keywords.
  • Permanent removal from search engine :- ( i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.) . This offering is most popular as search results in popular search engine is the first impression online on relevant keywords. As a company we eliminates negative search results permanently form popular search engine within 48 hrs by ensuring the truth appears first. Our technologist lets you control your online appearance.Being popular search engine like Google is the first impression we can eliminate such negative news, blogs, reviews permanently from search. These links will never resurface back in Google search if you are not under threat.
  • Permanent removal from popular social and blog website:-  Spam and objectionable content will be removed permanently from following websites like ( i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Blogger etc.).
  • Permanent removal from third party websites:- As content is being hosted by third party websites this one is toughest to achieve cost and success vary for every client. We have removed  news articles from popular news websites, complaint websites, reviews websites like Yelp,,, mugshots etc. 

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