es, hiring someone to hack your boyfriend’s phone or social media or whatever is illegal. If doing X is illegal, then hiring someone else to do X is also illegal.

But don’t worry about it. You can’t actually hire someone to hack your boyfriend.

The “hire a hacker” services you see spamvertised all over Quora are scams. Specifically, they are a kind of scam called “advance fee fraud.”

Here’s how it works:

You are desperate. You think you absolutely have to know what your boyfriend is doing. Your desperation makes you gullible.

You see someone saying “here’s a hacker who can give you all the answers you want!”

In your desperation, you think “Yes! Yes! Finally the answers I need!” You email the gmail address. The hacker uses hackery-sounding words like “firewall”. Woohoo! There it is! Finally you will have what you want! You’ll nail your cheating boyfriend!

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