iPhone Hacking remotely using RAT

If you have questions like how to remove a hacker from my iPhone or how to tell if someone has hacked your iPhone, then it is a different concern. Right now, we need to take some baby steps towards preventing your iPhone from hackers.
“The intention is not to scare you, but to save you”.
We use iPhones for pretty much everything to ease our routine, whether we are at home, office or any other public place. However, while using it we must be conscious of the sensitive data that we carry around with us. It will get ugly if someone gets access to your confidential matters and misuse it, or even if your phone is used without your knowledge. Hacking iPhone has been the most common as majority highly influential people or business class relies on iPhones and they earn rivalries over a period. Even if the target audience is a commoner who owns an iPhone, no one likes an outsider invading their privacy. Hence, it is essential that you raise your standards when it comes to security for iPhones.

It is a myth that iPhones can be hacked only in a far-fetched scenario, and you will agree to this as you continue reading this blog. Apple pays a heavy amount to these big guys (iPhone hackers) to find out loopholes in order to fix it in every iPhone update. This is how they elevate the standards of iPhone security features, standout in a stiff competition, and make their customers feel secure.
On the other hand, there are certain responsibilities as a user, as you live in a world where hackers exist. The in-built security options will prove to be worthless if you are not sure about the ways to leverage it.
Therefore, here are few tips below, which meticulously curated to ensure every safeguard possible from both local and remote iPhone hackers.

1. Never Jailbreak is about getting into the basics

The best advice that you should share with iPhone users is never try to jailbreak your device. It does not matter that you get access to iPhone apps and software beyond the Apple ecosystem, but it will attract viruses and malware. So maybe you should rethink before taking this step, as it is not worth the benefits. If you jailbreak once you have lost your chance to opt for help from Apple & you will have to deal with the issue in your own way.
It is valid that you may be skeptical about this particular advice, but better go for an alternate option. In fact, it makes sense to update your iOS device as Apple upgrades its iPhone security features & solutions with each update. They tend to pay attention to any drawbacks that were overlooked in the past. However, have you noticed at least one glitch every time in the update itself? This is why I would suggest you to update it a bit later and not right away. It takes at least 2 weeks after the release to fix the major bugs or flaws.

Give attention to the following steps:-
Go to the settings app, select General, simply tap on software update & follow prompts to install

2. The Two-Factor Authentication is Mandatory

If you take this advice for granted you will soon need to pay a price. Two-Factor Authentication is simple & highly beneficial. When you enable it, you will have to rely on a trusted device while you log in from a new device. Suppose, you get a new iPad and you need to sign in for the first time, your iPhone will be notified on your iPhone so that you can approve this action. If you allow your iPhone will display a verification code & and after entering this code you are allowed to sign in with your new device. Can your Apple ID account be safer than this? You get the complete power to approve or deny the request to sign in. To get hold of this feature you will need iOS 9 or the later version, and if you wish to turn it off you can disable this function, but think wisely before you do it.

Now follow these simple steps:
On your iPhone, go to the settings
Tap your name on the top
Go to Password & Security.
Select Two-Factor Authentication.
3. Safeguard your precious data: Activate “Find my iPhone” in a blink
Now this is something you need to do right away. It is more convenient when you can see the location of your phone through any of your devices. In case of theft, you can easily track down an iPhone with this simple step. In addition, you can even erase your device and protect all your personal information from getting stolen and misused.
Now perform the following steps:-
Open Settings in the app
Tap your Apple ID & select iCloud
Scroll down to tap Find My iPhone
Find my iPhone on

4. It just takes few seconds to switch to a longer passcode

It is a no-brainer and yet many users still rely on a four-digit code or even no code at all. While it seems like a boring task to just add 2 digits to your passcode, it is worth. After all, what is a more strenuous? Memorizing a 6 digit passcode or letting hackers steal your data (Think about it).

Stress on the following steps:-
Go to the settings.
Tap on Touch ID & Passcode.
Select Change Passcode.
Choose Custom Numeric Code or, Custom Alphanumeric Code, which is more secure option.

5. Self-Destruction proves to be the ultimate solution in some situations

This may sound bit absurd until you hear the reason. Wiping your device clean after 10 consecutive passcode attempts works best for users who are overly concerned with their data. However, this recommended only if you have enabled automatic iCloud backups. Also, in this case, ensure that you have kept it away from children as they may attempt passcode multiple times. So this one is totally upto you, if will you need it or not.

Follow these essential steps:-
Go to the settings, select Touch ID & Passcode and finally scroll down on Erase Data

6. Shun yourself from pop-ups & Phishing Scams in emails & messages

Scammy emails and malware being the most conventional methods used by hackers, you should be quite alert. Hence, the only way out is opening links, emails, and messages from the sources that you trust or only if it is legitimate. If you are receiving messages from an unknown number, ensure that the sender is someone you already know. If it is a random text/email, which looks shady, delete it without hesitation. These days we all receive newsletters which say “Thank you for signing up”, and we know that we have not signed up. These kinds of mails are nothing but a trap, which builds your curiosity to grab attention. In addition, many fake users pretend to be established companies like Apple or PayPal. So stay attentive!

7. Have you researched about End-to-End Encryption Service yet?

Hackers can effortlessly sneak into your messages and calls to track your location. Apart from this, they can also crack your two-step verification with just your phone number. It is no big secret that hackers and Government entities take advantage of SS7 (Signaling System Number 7) to spy on any random number. In addition, you will never know that someone is spying on you.
Therefore, now that you know the possibilities of exploiting SS7 is more, it is essential that you secure your privacy. So download and use an end-end-end encryption app to send and receive messages or even calls. This will completely keep your conversations private.

“Owning a device makes sense only if you know how it works”.

8. Guard your iTunes & iCloud Accounts by changing your Apple ID Password frequently
Apple ID is the most eminent factor of iPhone’s security features. Changing your Apple ID password constantly is the best way to ensure that no one can access it without your presence. Hence, it is highly recommended that you do it in every six months immediately. If you wish to change it in your device itself, you need to simply activate a two-factor authentication.

Now perform the following steps:-
Go to settings, tap on your name on the top and choose Password & Security option to change it

9. Tracking Apps are the most anticipated threat of all times

Developers are consistently working on hacking apps to earn money out of it. It is easy to install such apps once the phone is jailbroken, but most times iPhones do not even need to be jailbroken to make it a success. Developers are expert at building apps that do not even require installation through your device as they can work over cloud platform. Hence, the iCloud account is more than enough for hacking apps and all they need to have is your Apple ID and password to complete the installation. These apps can effortlessly gain access to each activity, which includes calls, messages, and photos, videos, browsing history, and tracking your location. Therefore, the previous step that we discussed (changing Apple ID password frequently) is something that you need to stress on to avoid this threat.

10. Avoid the logins when you are using a WiFi in Public

Public WiFi’s are one of the easiest ways to be hacked since it is inherently less secure. Always log in to your accounts in a closed network (at home) in advance if you need to pay bills outside. Many folks prefer working at cafes and restaurants. If you are one of them, then it is a wise decision to download a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This literally works like the best defense mechanism for your phones.

11. Trusted charging stations should be used to avoid stop the possible stealing of data
Charging stations at airports, cafes, hospitals, and other public places surely match up against expectations of our modern lifestyle. It looks convenient only until you understand the truth about lightning cables used for this purpose can transmit data. So stop opening up data on your iPhone as it gives wireless access and the only criteria for the hacker is to stay within the range. People who run their own business and have a couple of rivalries should consider this suggestion without much thinking.

In this kind of situations, you can be worry-free only if you carry your own charger or charge your device full before stepping out of your space. A data-blocking charger is also of great help or else turn on your lock screen to stop using the phone at public charging stations.

12. Disabling Siri on Lock Screen is the best and should not be avoided

There have been innumerable incidents in the past where people try to gain access to data. This becomes possible when they find a loophole in your iPhone security features. Apple tries to fix these loopholes with updates. However, if you are still over possessive about some private information, this is the best final measure.
If you think there is a possibility of someone sneaking into your device directly, turn off Siri as they will need to crack your passcode to enter.

Try this:-
Open settings, select Siri and deny access when locked.

Wrapping up:-
Apple is famed for the level of security it lends to the users when they build up every new version. This legacy of apple continuous with every edition, but as a user, you need to perform the above duties if you wish to enjoy the benefits. hire a hacker
We do trust our smartphone brands and their unique services, and hence we make online purchases or use social accounts. But at the same time if we avoid giving attention to our important data, till will cost us time, money and undue stress. So make sure that you play smarter to win over these potential hacking threats.

“Don’t blame the hackers, blame your ignorance”!