So you got a bad Google review (or Facebook, or Yelp, or whatever else). Now what?

First step: DON’T PANIC. Stay absolutely still. Don’t even blink.  Don’t…move…a muscle…

Wait—that’s in case of a T-Rex attack, my bad. But the same principle applies. Don’t panic, or try to run away, or fight back. You will get eaten.

It’s a business owner’s nightmare—you put your time, blood and sweat into the company you built from scratch, and one day, POOF! Your hard-earned reputation is tarnished by one grumpy customer with a chip on their shoulder. Not only that, but positive reviews are part of Google’s search algorithm, and it pulls not just Google reviews, but Facebook, Yelp, and other review platforms. That means one disgruntled person—depending on how may reviews you have—can tank your rankings. hire a hacker


There are ways to minimize the damage to your company’s credibility and your website’s SEO, and help ensure customer satisfaction. Whenever any of my clients get a negative review, I always recommend they take these 5 simple steps:

  1. Don’t panic
  2. Evaluate the situation
  3. Respond quickly
  4. If the review is fake, flag it for removal (If you already know you want to remove a fake Google review, skip ahead to this section. If you want to remove a fake Facebook review, watch a video on how to do it here.)
  5. Rectify the situation
  6. Stay on top of it

Never—and I repeat, never—has this process failed me. Below you’ll find quick instructions to take you through each step. Breeze through these babies and never pay for a customer’s bad day again!

nt Google or Yelp review may make you want to give that person a piece of your mind or grab the nearest sharp object and take a short drive. It’s extremely important that you don’t do either of those things. A bad review isn’t the end of the world—every company has gotten at least one.

Some research has even indicated that bad reviews increase sales, and there’s the time-tested belief that no publicity is bad publicity. So take a deep breath, calm down, and proceed to step two.

2.      Evaluate the Situation

The first problem you need to solve is if the review is real. Fraudulent reviews are sometimes left by competitors or even randos you’ve never met. Here’s an example of a fraudulent review a client of mine recently got:

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